About Me

I love books, dogs, travel, yoga, indie movies, food and wine; though not necessarily in that order. I have performed a catch on the flying trapeze, boarded down a live volcano and was once robbed by a monkey in Nepal. But, I don’t know how to whistle.

In addition to my writing, editorial and design services for dozens of clients, I am also the author or a contributing author of several books. My topic areas of specialty include travel, green living, sustainability, lifestyle, the arts, nonprofits, education, health, marketing, entrepreneurship, business, real estate and urban living.

I am highly experienced in online writing/design platforms such as WordPress, and software design platforms such as Adobe InDesign. I graduated summa cum laude from St. Edward’s University with a dual degree in journalism and cultural psychology. After working as a communications professional for several businesses and nonprofit organizations, I have been a full-time freelancer since 2006.


You can view my published work on my Portfolio page, review my Services, and view a list of my Clients.

I am a member of the following professional organizations:


I am pleased to announce that I am available for consultation through Pivot Planet. Consultation appointments can be booked for potential clients, organizations or individuals who wish to access my expertise, or people who would like to get advice and assistance on writing. Please click the link below to request a consultation:


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