Portfolio Archive 2012

From the Killing Fields to a Future: National Geographic

Balancing Act-How Mardy Chen Transformed through Yoga: Austin Woman Magazine Cover Story

The Caribbean-On the Islands of the West Indies, Functional Tradition and Artistic Innovation Mingle: American Craft Magazine

How to Live your Bucket List: Austin Woman Magazine

Trading Places-Nicaragua: BootsnAll Travel

Seeing Double: Keller Williams OutFront

Rising to the Challenge: St. Edward’s University Directions Magazine

Fundraising Events as Art: Giving City Austin

Trading Places-Laos: BootsnAll Travel

Villa in Rome, Jack’s Camp in Botswana: Andrew Harper Traveler

Get Your Brews On-BeerFest 2012: Outdoors Northwest

Mars on Earth-The Atacama Desert in Chile is a World Within its Own: Designare Oasis Magazine

(NEVER) Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen-Culinary Teambuilding Stirs Up Lasting Bonds: Texas Meetings & Events

From Coffee to Clinic: Giving City Austin

Top 10 Things to do in Nicaragua: The Expeditioner

Emerging Mobile Strategies for News Publishers: International News Marketing Association

5 Nosy Questions for Marcus Samuelsson: My Table Houston

Casa de Luz-Righteous Food in a Sustainable Community: Austin Woman Magazine

Wanderlust LIVE-A new community space for yoga, music & arts: Austin Woman Magazine

Tracking the Hadzabe: Little Changed in one of Africa’s Last Remaining Bush Tribes: Perceptive Travel

Immerse Yourself in a Culture While Learning: BootsnAll Travel

Women in the Wild-Female Safari Guides: Tango Diva

Chile-Land of Pablo Neruda, from Santiago to Valparaiso: Offbeat Travel

Bikram Yoga Retreat Comes to Austin: Austin Woman Magazine

Trading Places in Kenya: BootsnAll Travel

The Happiest Places on the Planet: BootsnAll Travel

Tank Trips-Timeless in Jefferson, Texas: AAA Southern Traveler

Hospitality’s Dirtiest Jobs: Texas Meetings & Events

Letters of Sacrifice: St. Edward’s Magazine

Why You Should Stick Around Bangkok: BootsnAll Travel

Yes, Chef-Marcus Samuelsson takes Austin by Storm: ATX Man

Academic Advantage-In North America, Only a Small Fraction of Students Study Abroad: Verge Magazine

High School Journalism Department Moves into the Digital Age: Texas School Business

Urban Cartography-Leopold Cafe, Mumbai: Open Skies Magazine (Emirates Airlines)

Austin’s Creative East Side: Austin Woman

Close-in Family Getaway-San Antonio: Austin Woman

A Taste of Germany-Fredericksburg, a Central Texas Historic Getaway: Popular Hispanics

Remembering Kasandra Belcher: New York Daily News


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