5 Things Not to Miss in Mexico City: GoNomad

5 Things Not to Miss in Mexico City: GoNomad — August 2015.

International, sophisticated, diverse and vibrant, Mexico City has much to offer for the traveler — as well as a few surprises. The sprawling metropolis has seriously addressed its pollution problems over the past decade-plus, with strong measures that have resulted in a far cleaner city with more green spaces.

For those who are concerned about crime and the sensationalized stories of kidnappings, it’s important to note that travel warnings apply to very specific parts of Mexico — and Mexico City is not one of those areas. I felt extremely comfortable walking around among the city, and would recommend that travelers simply take the same smart cautions that they would in any big city.

That said, the city and its treasures of art, food, history, traditions, performing arts and recreation are a jewel just waiting to be discovered and explored. Here are my top 5 “Don’t Miss” attractions.

Read the full story at http://www.gonomad.com/


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