A Classically Texan Tour of Austin: Virgin Atlantic

A Classically Texan Tour of Austin: Virgin Atlantic — September 2015.

There’s nowhere quite like Texas, and even though Austin has been keeping it weird for decades, it’s still rich in Texan culture. Take a look at our Texan tour of Austin for the top typically Texan things to do in the capital city.

Austin has grown into quite the foodie paradise, but there are still plenty of truly Texan classics to be found. Franklin Barbecue is arguably the most famous, with lines that start early in the morning and can stretch around the block; they often sell out before lunch. Just outside of town in Driftwood, get a real Texas country barbecue experience at The Salt Lick, with family recipes dating back to the mid-1800s.

Another staple cuisine here is Tex-Mex, rooted in the state’s unique Tejano culture. Tex-Mex predominantly features tortillas, chili sauces and shredded or melted cheese; enchiladas and breakfast tacos are king here. Local favourites to get your fix include Curra’s Grill, Joe’s Bakery & Coffee Shop, Habanero Mexican Café and local favourite, Tamale House East.

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