A Natural World: Why Great Communities Require Nature—TractorBeam

Walsh communities, january 2017

Picture this: the whisper of leaves rustling gently in trees overhead, the quiet crackling of footsteps over thick grass and twigs, and the fresh smell of soil, wild grasses, and flowers. You notice a butterfly flutter around colorful petals; a spider weaving its magnificently intricate web, glistening in the sunlight like a living sculpture. Your heart rate slows. Breathing is even and deep. Time lingers, and all the busyness of the outside, day-to-day life recedes. You feel at peace, and the world shrinks to just this moment, to what is in front of you.

As a species, though we may be programmed to live in communal societies with the convenience of urban development, nature is vital to our lives. We have an intrinsic emotional need to connect with our natural world. It brings a high value into our lives, from physical benefits to psychological ones, and communities that retain plenty of nature in them bring those benefits directly home. Neighborhoods without access to nature are unable to maximize these advantages for their residents.

Read the full story at http://walshtx.com/community-news/natural-world-great-communities-require-nature


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