Austin Biplanes: Lake Austin Lifestyle Magazine

Austin Biplanes—Thrilling Adventure is the Gift of a Lifetime: Lake Austin Lifestyle Magazine — December 2015.

You begin by donning a WWI-era leather helmet — this one outfitted with the modern technology of a two-way headset — and a bomber jacket if you like, for old school authenticity.

As you step onto the wing and climb into the snug fit of the cockpit, you can’t help but feel a few butterflies in your stomach. Taxiing down the runway, suddenly the song “Danger Zone” from Top Gun breaks into your headphones. The excitement has begun in your biplane flying adventure.

“I admit I’m biased, but this is the coolest thing to do in Austin,” says Rob Whiteside, pilot and owner of Austin Biplane.

I have to admit I agree, and I’m not even in the air yet. I feel like I’m channeling Amelia Earhart in the open-air cockpit of a sleek, gleaming, fire-engine-red biplane. As it lifts off the runway, I can feel every breeze, every wind bump, as if I was in a sports car hugging the roadway’s every turn.

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