Austin Woman — Rachel Hollis, Cover Story

Podcaster, blogger, bestselling author, motivational speaker, conference guru, media mogul and mom Rachel Hollis is inspiring women everywhere with her unapologetic confidence and authentic approach to embracing life’s chaos.

Rachel Hollis might be a newcomer to Austin, but the native Californian feels like she grew up in the Lone Star State’s twin.

“Bakersfield is like you picked up West Texas and dropped it in Southern California,” she laughs. “Everyone wore Wranglers and boots.”

Although Hollis was born and raised in Bakersfield, Cailf., she couldn’t wait to get out of the town.

“I loved the idea of living independently. I felt like if I could be in control of my surroundings, then I could be in control of my life,” she says.

Throughout school, she was heavily involved in theater, an activity that bolstered her and hinted at a potential future elsewhere.

“It was my favorite thing,” Hollis admits, “and the [performing-arts] industry was something I saw as a way out of Bakersfield.”

One thing anyone learns about Hollis within 10 minutes of speaking with her is this: When she has a goal, she sets her mind to it and simply makes it happen. The teenage Hollis, stuck somewhere she didn’t want to be, began researching performing-arts schools and working to graduate early from high school. She earned her diploma a year early, at 17, and promptly moved to Los Angeles to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

“I set my sights on where I wanted to go,” Hollis recalls. “I auditioned, got a scholarship and got accepted.”

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