Austin’s 10 Best Restaurants: USA Today

Austin’s 10 Best Restaurants: USA Today — November 2015.

It’s no secret that Austin has become quite the culinary hotspot in recent years. In the last decade, the Austin restaurant scene has transformed from cooking up great Tex-Mex to major player in the international culinary scene, with talented chefs all over the Capital City of Texas. Austin was named the 6th best food city in the U.S. by Thrillist in December 2014, while Travel + Leisure singled it out as America’s next great food town. Some big names have moved in and opened up successful restaurants, while still maintaining Austin’s unique flavor; as well as local star chefs who have expanded with new hotspots around town. The city has proved to be an excellent canvas for a young chef and some of the most creative culinary names in the country can be found working in unassuming converted bungalows, downtown warehouses and even food trucks. The city is also a haven of healthy living, and food is no exception. With the rise in popularity of urban farming, local foods and farm-to-table eating, many of Austin’s restaurants focus on local ingredients and sustainable, organic deliciousness. There is much to be found for vegetarians, gluten-free eating and other dietary needs in these picks as well.

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