Bridging the Digital Divide—AustinWoman

BRIDGING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE: Austin Woman Magazine — April 2017.

The world is in the middle of the technology revolution, and the United States is at the forefront of its progressive developments and change. Yet, in some underserved communities, one may not even know or have heard of the incredible innovations shaping the tech scene today. In low-income neighborhoods and schools, homeless shelters, senior-citizen centers and among other populations, including veterans and people with disabilities, access to computers and other modern-day technology is sorely lacking.

According to Austin Free-Net, one in five American adults still do not use the internet because they either do not know how to use it, lack access to it or are not convinced of its value. At the same time, some 5,000-plus tech jobs, many of them entry-level positions requiring no college degree, sit unfilled in the U.S. due to a gap in technical expertise.

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