Bugs Bite—AustinWoman

Bugs Bite: Austin Woman Magazine — July 2016.

Summer is in full swing in Central Texas, and that means bugs. our exceptionally warm winter followed by a wet spring has increased summer populations of pests, including the peskiest of all, mosquitos.

While mosquitos have always been a nuisance and their bites itchy or irritating, they also spread diseases that are cause for concern, including the Zika virus, which is becoming a more prevalent threat each day.

With mosquito bites posing significant health concerns this summer, Austin Womanresearched the best strategies to combat pests. Here’s what we found.

There is a variety of products available, from topical skin sprays and lotions to candles, wristbands and even protective clothing.

Read the full story at https://issuu.com/austinwoman/docs/aw_july_2016/87?e=1966870/36894926

Or at http://www.austinwomanmagazine.com/articles/bugs-bite


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