Cowboy Cool Music and Art in West Texas—Texas Lifestyle

Cowboy Cool Music and Art in West Texas: Texas Lifestyle Magazine — September 2016.

Mysterious ghost lights, a fake Prada store as art installation in the middle of nowhere, and the crumbling remains of the Reata mansion set from the 1956 movie Giant are some of the things that the West Texas town of Marfa is known for.

It’s a wholly unique place — a one-stoplight town in the middle of the desert that attracts artists, filmmakers and in-the-know visitors from around the world — Marfa is cool and creative, but a little too rebellious and rough-around-the-edges to become jaded or fully hipster. It has never tried to market or reinvent itself; it’s never had to. Ever since acclaimed minimalist artist Donald Judd left New York City to escape the art scene he claimed to disdain and arrived in Marfa to set up camp at an abandoned Army base, the town has been a natural hub for creatives who want to escape the “scene” and find an authentically inspiring place to work.

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