Eco-Friendly Galápagos Islands: G Adventures

Eco-Friendly Galápagos Islands — Tips for Treading Lightly: G Adventures — September 2015.

It’s a bucket list destination for many travellers: following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin to experience one of the most special places on the planet. These enchanted isles have retained a whopping 95 percent of their endemic species; something found on no other archipelago in the world. In 1959, a hundred years after the publication of Darwin’s The Origin of Species, Ecuador declared 97 percent of the islands’ landmass a national park, and in 2001 the marine reserve was established.

In this extraordinary ecosystem, animals have evolved and adapted in ways found nowhere else. Because they are protected and mostly have no natural predators, they fear little and see no threat from humans. This can also be their downfall, if not properly preserved.

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