Exploring Nicaragua’s Isla Ometepe: G Adventures

Exploring Nicaragua’s Isla Ometepe: G Adventures — November 2015.

Beautiful, ripe for adventure and utterly devoid of pretension, this under-the-radar island captures the imagination of travel writer Shelley Seale.

With its un-relenting natural beauty and old-fashioned charm, Nicaragua is a favourite of travellers visiting Central America. It’s low-key, slow-moving, inexpensive to travel and live in, and is often referred to as “the Costa Rica of 30 years ago.”

Home to rich festivals and exciting outdoor adventures, Nicaragua is a compelling destination. Go exploring in colonial towns such as Leon and Granada, “ash boarding” down the side of a live volcano or scuba diving along its shores. In Nicaragua, you can still travel under the radar and have great experiences.

Read the full story at https://www.gadventures.com/blog/adventure-nicaragua-ometepe-island/


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