Funny Lady — Founding Austin

How Shannon Sedwick built a comedy conglomerate by keeping Austin weird — March 2019

Shannon Sedwick was perhaps destined to be in show business. Her parents were both involved in theater, and were living in Los Angeles when Sedwick was born, pursuing their dreams.

“My dad wanted to become a singing cowboy movie star, and didn’t quite make it,” Sedwick says. “As I was growing up, I tagged along to watch shows they were in, and even performed with my mother in ‘The Chalk Garden.’ I also took every acting class at Casa Manana [theater and school in Fort Worth], and learned the words to every stage musical from the 50s and 60s.”

When it came time for college, the choice was easy for budding performer Sedwick — she enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin with the goal of becoming a professional actor. There she became involved with the Curtain Club, an extracurricular drama society, and also met her husband, Michael Shelton.

Sedwick launched her first enterprise in 1970, in partnership with Shelton. “We started a film series called ‘The Museum of Light,’ showing experimental short films on campus, and inviting filmmakers to come speak about their work. It was our first business venture, and we enjoyed it!”

Read the full article here.


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