Guatemala for First Timers — The Telegraph

A guide for first-time visitors to Guatemala — March 2019

Find out when’s the best time to visit, what to expect and what you can get up to in the Central American country

Guatemala may well be the perfect Central American destination, with its rich cultural heritage, large areas of protected nature and wildlife, important Mayan ruins and beautiful beaches. It also enjoys nearly perfect weather year-round and an international travel and dining scene. The people are welcoming, and its small size makes it relatively easy to navigate.

Here’s a guide for first-time visitors to the country, with expert tips and some experiences not to be missed.

Know before you go

Most flights arrive in Guatemala City, where regular shuttles run from the airport to Antigua and Panajachel at Lake Atitlan. Hiring a private driver is also a safe and easy option. Guatemalans are very generous and friendly, so expect a greeting from almost everyone you pass and a hospitable welcome. They love a good party, salsa dancing, and are serious about their coffee. Above all, get your camera ready – between nature’s spectacular scenery, the colourful tapestry of the clothing and the impressive architecture, the country is a photographer’s dream.

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