Julia Cheek: Startup Mode—AustinWoman

Julia Cheek Startup Mode: Austin Woman Magazine — March 2017

When Julia Cheek had some lab testing done in 2015, she assumed it would be straightforward. She would get the results, they would be clear and that would be that. The actual experience, however, was far from that simple. In addition to the testing being very expensive, Cheek received little explanation from her doctors.

“I spent a ton of time Googling confusing results after I had already spent a lot of time and money getting these tests run,” she says. “I thought there had to be a better way.”

The budding entrepreneur in Cheek raised its head. She had known since business school she wanted to start her own company, despite her traditional corporate background (She has a master’s degree from Harvard Business School and had an executive position in Dallas running strategy for MoneyGram, a large public company.), she knew since business school she wanted to start her own company.

“I was just waiting for an idea that I was passionate about, and the right time to start it,” she says.

Read the full story at http://www.austinwomanmagazine.com/articles/startup-mode


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