Key Concierge — Lake Tahoe

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Lake Tahoe — But You Should, November 2017

Lake Tahoe is a dream destination: that impossibly blue lake, surrounding by imposing mountains and some of the cutest towns in the West. But there may be a few surprising things to learn about the area. We sat down with our North and South Lake Tahoe Concierge, Matt, to share some insider secrets about the place he calls home. Below, he lists eight things you may not know about Lake Tahoe — but should.

1. The lake really is that big

You’ve seen it in photographs; but when people see it in person, they still think “Woah, that lake looks huge!” You’re not wrong. Lake Tahoe is one of the biggest and deepest lakes in the world: 1,600 feet deep, 22 miles long, 12 miles wide, and 72 miles around. If you go up the mountain on the Nevada side, look down — you’ll see a 4,000-foot vertical drop down to the valley below you; yet that valley floor sits above the bottom of Lake Tahoe.


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