LIVE LIKE ROYALTY IN SCOTLAND: Austin Woman Magazine — March 2017.

As the car turns off the small country lane, it passes under a large stone archway flanked by turrets. Tree branches form another, natural archway overhead as the vehicle winds up the drive beneath them. There, on the left, peeking out between the branches, is the first glimpse of the imposing castle. It looms imposingly above as you are driven to the massive front doorway, where a butler in full Scottish regalia, including kilt, awaits to escort you inside.

This is Duns Castle, about an hour outside Edinburgh, Scotland. Standing proudly since 1320, when the first part of the castle was built, it has been owned by the Hay family since 1696. Alexander and Aline Hay, the current owners, have welcomed guests to their family estate since the 1980s.

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