Livestrong — On Your Feet Austin

A walking and biking guide to three Austin, Texas neighborhoods; March 2018

Known for its thriving live-music scene and “Keep Austin Weird” motto, the Texas capital is blessed with natural beauty in the surrounding hills, rivers and lakes of central Texas. The New York Times even called Austin one of the greenest cities in America.

While Texas may conjure up images of sprawling highways and pickup trucks, downtown Austin has made great strides to become a much more walkable, bikeable capital in recent years. The city council even has a Bicycle Master Plan to increase bike use and regularly holds community walk-and-bike events.

Austin has seen a huge population surge over the past five years, but the boom phase has transformed it into a more cosmopolitan city, while still holding on to its unique, funky vibe and friendly culture. Check out our locals’ guide to downtown Austin and experience the “Live Music Capital of the World” for yourself — all while getting in your quota of steps.

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