Make Change — 10 Tips for Getting Your House Clean and Green

Healthy Home and Living, March 2018

When you have little feet running around, creating the best home environment becomes a top priority. Yet many common household products can be potentially dangerous—even deadly—to children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 300 children in the United States are treated for poison-related emergencies every day. Of those 300, two of them die. A leading cause of poison exposure for children under 5 is common household and personal care products, according to the National Poison Data System.

This doesn’t sit well with Aaronica Cole, founder of the site The Crunchy Mommy, which chronicles her approach to green parenting. “Growing up we were always more into more natural things—home-cooked meals over fast foods, lots of plants and fresh fruits and veggies,” Cole says. “When I became a mom, I started learning about all these different medicines and chemicals that we were putting on and in our bodies.”

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