GoNomad — Maui’s Road to Hana

Maui’s Road to Hana — and Off-Roading in Between, July 2017

On the popular island of Maui, this classic (yet distinctly Hawaiian) road trip is one of a kind.

The Road to Hana takes visitors down 50 winding miles of highway along Maui’s north shore, connecting Kahului with the town of Hāna in east Maui. Making this trek across the stunning landscape of the island offers unique cultural activities along with gorgeous natural scenery and exciting outdoor adventures.

Our mini-guide highlights some of the best things to be seen and experienced along the Road to Hana, and in the surrounding areas of Maui.

Read the full story at https://www.gonomad.com/95904-mauis-road-hana-off-roading



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