Stephanie Breedlove: Built to Scale—AustinWoman Cover Story

Stephanie Breedlove Built to Scale: Austin Woman Magazine Cover Story — March 2017.

Though Stephanie Breedlove did not start out with the entrepreneurial bug, the past 20 years of her life have been spent off-roading, a term she uses to describe traveling a path that is not typically opted into by women.

Breedlove, who successfully started, grew and then sold a business for $55 million, now mentors and invests in other entrepreneurs, and just released her first book, All In: How Women Entrepreneurs Can Think Bigger, Build Scalable Businesses, and Change the World.

During all of this, she and her husband and co-founder, Bill, raised two children and maintained a happy and stable family life. Yet she hesitates to use the word that is often employed to describe such a feat: balance. For Breedlove, the idea of balancing these various facets of life means each part takes up no more than its allotted share on the scale, in order to maintain harmony, and that each aspect of life is aligned and cooperating without incident at all times. She describes balance as a scale that must be perfectly still in order to hold everything in place with no bumps along the way.

“The probability of success is zero. Yet we keep chasing it, and then feel like a failure when we don’t attain it, which begets guilt, stress, fear and a lack of confidence,” Breedlove says. “It seems to me that the act of balancing, of keeping everything perfectly controlled and delicately placed to maintain harmony, prevents spontaneity. It removes chance, serendipitous happenings, new ideas, change and the possibility of growth. It removes the stuff that brings joy to living.”

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