Summer Fun in Minnesota’s Twin Cities: GoNomad

Summer Fun in Minnesota’s Twin Cities: GoNomad — April 2016.

The end of the school year is fast approaching, leaving many people wrestling with that annual decision: Where to go on summer family vacation?

There are always lots of factors: A variety of activities so that everyone along on the trip will enjoy themselves; weather and climate; ease of getting there; and cost, among other things. Minnesota is a great place to consider.

It’s absolutely spectacular in the summertime, and provides a diversity of attractions from lakes, zoos, hiking/biking trails, golf and other outdoor activities; to world-class museums, amusement parks, and a wealth of kid-friendly activites, for kids of all ages (whether 1 or 100!).

The biggest metropolitan area is the Twin Cities, referring to Minneapolis and Saint Paul. However, there is really also a third major connected city offering huge choices in fun activities — Bloomington. With a combined 90,000 miles of shoreline and 929 metro area lakes, it’s no mystery why Forbes called them the nation’s healthiest cities.

Here, grouped by the three areas, are our picks for family fun in the area this summer.

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