Insurance & Financial Meetings Management — The Chef’s Choice

Hot Food Trends and Techniques to Turn Any F&B Event Into a Memorable Experience, October 2017

T he legendary red carpet is rolled out. Limousines pull up alongside it. When their doors open, fashbulbs pop and cameras zoom in. One by one, hundreds of celebrities walk the carpet into one of the most celebrated events in Hollywood.

This is the Academy Awards — and while it may seem that corporate events for insurance and fnancial companies operate in a diferent world, there are many ways in which meeting planners can make their attendees feel like stars, and make these events extraordinary and memorable. One surefre way to achieve this is by creating a unique culinary experience — and don’t be afraid to be creative.

Throwing the rule book out the window, having some fun with the food and incorporating hot new trends can have enormous impact on your event. “Groups can get turned of by foods that are too overthought or too classic; they want something that is a bit more refreshing and a bit more whimsical,” says executive chef Josh Eden of The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

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