The Great Alaskan Wilderness—GoNomad

The Great Alaskan Wilderness By Land and Sea: GoNomad — November 2016.

Alaska: it’s the last great frontier. At two-and-a-half times bigger than my own large home state of Texas, the size of our 50th state is massive; yet it has a population of just around 700,000 people and most of it is unpopulated — even unexplored.

Come with us on a journey over this untamed, breathtaking place, overland and on a sea voyage.

Overland by Rail

Traveling by train conjures images of early explorers, riding the rails and having grand adventures as they discovered new places in the frontier lands of old. In Alaska, tracks were laid beginning in 1903, in the only ice-free coastal town there was in the state: Seward. Eleven years later, the U.S. Congress authorized construction of 470 miles of railway line from Seward north to Fairbanks.

Today, the Alaska Railroad still provides travelers with a fun, informative and exciting adventure overland — and with some of the most stunning views you’re ever likely to see from a train.

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