Uncle Billy’s Brewery: Lake Austin Lifestyle Magazine

Uncle Billy’s Brewery: Lake Austin Lifestyle Magazine — October 2015.


About a year ago, Trevor Nearburg was sitting at Uncle Billy’s Brewery and Smokehouse on Barton Springs and thinking to himself, “This place is perfect. This is everything I love about Austin — great beer, awesome barbecue, live music, dog friendly.” Nearburg, who had returned to Austin about two years prior after a career in finance at KPMG in New York, had rediscovered his love for brewing craft beer. A homebrewing hobby with brother Ross had turned into a full blown passion, and Nearburg was working as Assistant Brewer at Real Ale Brewing Company.

But that day at Uncle Billy’s changed things. After chatting with owner Rick Engel and finding aligned philosophies on brewing great beer, Engel offered Nearburg the job of Head Brewer.

“They wanted to bring someone new to the table,” Nearburg says. “Someone young who was willing to take risks.”

Risk taking is something he definitely does with Uncle Billy’s brews — with great success. Take the Schützenfest, an unusual Berliner-Weisse style that is tart, light and smoky all at the same time. Nearburg admits that it’s an acquired taste, but is genuinely excited by this type of experimentation. “The sour and smoky blend together well. You wouldn’t think they would, but they do.”

Read the full story at http://www.lakeaustinlifestyle.com/2015/09/27/uncle-billys-brewery/


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