Vesta Garcia: Building Blocks—AustinWoman

Vesta Garcia Building Blocks: Austin Woman Magazine — March 2017

Vesta Garcia never felt the burning desire to be an entrepreneur. She was, in her own words, “very much an academic.” After graduating in 1995 with two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Texas in her hometown of Austin, Garcia headed to the University of Washington in Seattle. There, she obtained her master’s degree in neurobiology and behavior. However, she felt balancing an academic career and a family was challenging for a woman.

“I found myself at home after my daughter’s birth and looking for a way to stay intellectually stimulated and contribute to the family finances,” she says.

Garcia designed innovative baby carriers, and later worked for the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance and Moby Wrap. She loved dresses so much that she and a colleague, Kristen DeRocha, started a fashion line called Little Day Dresses. Her manufacturing, production and regulatory experience led to other designers recruiting her to help manage their own productions, and Garcia began consulting with manufacturers.

“My partner and I both had extensive experience manufacturing domestically and overseas, so it was really easy to help other folks in their journey,” she says.

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