Where to Explore Savannah’s Art and Design Scene—IHG Hotels

ihg hotels group, november 2016

Savannah is a little like a rumpled debutante: beautiful and polished on the surface, but with a definite lived-in appeal, where things aren’t quite as prim and proper as they appear. Leafy streets are lined with restored, historic homes (though as your ghost-tour guide will tell you, some infamous tales unfolded inside their walls), and every couple of blocks, a small square or park beckons. Perfectly weathered, Savannah is immensely accessible and welcoming.

A big part of the heart of this city lies in its thriving arts and design scene, led by Savannah College of Art and Design, known simply as SCAD, which occupies the center of cultural life. SCAD is not only a university for creatives, but also the engine for cultural centers scattered around the city, including the internationally acclaimed SCAD Museum of Art, Museum of Science and Film, Gallery 1600 and the Alexander Hall Gallery.

Read the full story at https://discovery.hotelindigo.com/design/where-to-explore-savannahs-art-and-design-scene/


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