Read some of the things people have said about working with me!

From Clients and Editors:

“Shelley is a skilled and dedicated writer who digs deep in her reporting process to weave spectacular and in-depth stories about the people, places and businesses she covers. In Austin Woman magazine’s more than 16 years in existence, Shelley has contributed more cover stories than any other writer and is a pleasure to work with, always filing well-written and intriguing stories on or before deadline. I can’t imagine Austin Woman without her!”

~Chantal Rice, Managing Editor, Austin Woman Magazine

“Shelley is an excellent writer with the clarity and sensitivity to see the world through the eyes of the reader, the ability to understand when a topic is timely, the business sense to meet a deadline, and the heart to go out of her way to make a case for covering a community issue or deserving nonprofit.”

~Julie Tereshchuk, Editor-in-Chief, Texas Lifestyle Magazine

“Shelley has been a freelance contributor to GoNOMAD for many years. I must give her props because her stories rarely need much editing, are well written every time, and she understands exactly how we need the articles to be written and she shoots great photos too. She is an example of how to be a successful freelancer. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a solid writer with a great business and work ethic.”

~Max Hartshorne, Editor, GoNomad.com

“I was hoping for profiles that told compelling stories, and you have done just that with depth and emotion but without any false sentiment and schmaltz. Kudos!”

~Sarah Walker, Editor, Waterways Magazine

“We hired Shelley to write some important content for Verb, a social impact start-up in Austin, TX. Not only is she is skilled writer who brings a unique voice to her pieces, she is professional, a pleasure to work with, and she meets deadlines! I highly recommend Shelley as a writer who provides quality work on a variety of topics.”

~Jennifer Hill Robenalt, Content Developer & Communications Professional

“Shelley has supported State of Digital Publishing with bringing high-quality standards in both her recap and featured pieces, which our readers have commended to me time and time again. I look forward to continuing collaborating with Shelley and also supporting her journalism and writing aspirations.”

~Vahe Arabian, Founder, The State of Digital Publishing

“I’ve counted on Shelley’s writing services for many years and she has never let me down. In addition to turning in copy that needs little editing, she is punctual with deadlines and a good communicator during the editorial process. In short, Shelley is an editor’s dream. I’m grateful to have her as a freelance resource on my team.”

~Katie Ford, Executive Director of Truth Be Told; Katie Ford Editorial

“Skilled, professional writers are so rare. Shelley always comes through, which is a great gift for editors managing multiple deadlines and trying to put together a puzzle of content. The icing on the cake is that she clearly cares about making the copy sing as well as being as accurate as possible. Hire her once and you’ll call on her again and again.”

~Monica Williams, Executive Director, Giving City Austin

“I hired Shelley to write our monthly ‘Austin Originals’ pieces that profile locally owned independent businesses in Austin that have been in business at least ten years. Her first piece was published in November 2007 and she’s done a consistently good job with every piece. Her stories convey the feel of what’s it’s like to establish, own and run these businesses, which is exactly what I wanted.”

~Ken Martin, Founder, Editor & Publisher of The Austin Bulldog and Good Life Magazine

“I’ve said many times that your coverage of the Webinars is often better than the Webinars themselves.”

~Earl Wilkinson, CEO of the International News Media Association

From Colleagues:

“Shelley was a joy to work with at Gallant Branding on our various social media accounts. Reliable, funny, and a fantastic writer, Shelley always brought great ideas to our clients and paid close attention to emerging trends. Her passion for various social and environmental causes and her experience as a world traveler gives her incredible insight into human behavior. With great attention to detail, she captures the essence of whichever topic she’s writing about and transforms those details into great storytelling. Even though she is no longer with Gallant, I love reading her work in Austin Woman, Texas Monthly, and more!”

~Chris Kocek, Founder & CEO, Gallant Branding

“From the moment I first read one of Shelley’s blog posts, I’ve been impressed. She is the real deal. Her writing skills are only surpassed by her passion for what she’s writing about. I’m honored to know her!”

~Jeff Turner, North American CEO, Immoviewer

“Shelley is exceptional! She is great at developing and managing projects & programs. Shelley is a visionary leader; she is strategic, goal-oriented and has the ability to bring diverse people together to achieve success.”

~Mando Rayo, CEO & Engagement Strategist, Mando Rayo + Collective

From Sources:

“Words cannot even describe how well written that article was. My mom burst into tears reading and said ‘I don’t know if I’ve ever felt like someone really got you, like your essence…and I feel like this is the only thing I’ve ever read that nailed it.’ I am truly touched.”

~Whitney Casey, Finery.com

“I wanted to thank you so much again for covering I Live Here I Give Here and Patsy! The article is one of my absolute favorites that has ever been written about the organization.”

~Catherine Lucchesi, Director of Communications & Programming, I Live Here I Give Here

“What a well-researched, thorough and fantastic article! Thank you so much for your great work. I’m looking forward to working with you in the future!”

~Mallory Flynn, Public Relations Coordinator, Biltmore Estate

“Thanks so much for interviewing me for this article Shelley. I believe you are one of the ‘good ones’ in terms of working your hind end off to put out a well written, well researched, well thought-out article.”

~Lynn Russell Kindler, Personal Coach