Andra Liemandt and The Mrs: Austin Woman Magazine Cover Story

Andra Liemandt and The Mrs: Austin Woman Magazine — September 2015, Cover Story.

Empowering women young and old by proving it is never too late to be what you might have been.

When she was 10 years old, Andra Liemandt would sit in her bedroom for hours listening to her record player, singing and dancing along to the music. Usually spinning on it was Boy George, Madonna or George Michael. For Liemandt, these were magical hours in which her bedroom transformed into a stage where anything was possible. There, in the small town of Victoria, Texas, a young girl’s dreams of becoming a musician and performing onstage were born and began to blossom.

Flash forward 25 years and Liemandt was a married mother of two with a life filled with most of the daily things a family’s life is filled with. But those music dreams that had found their way into her heart never died and were whispering quietly in the back of her mind. Despite never having picked up an instrument, Liemandt fell in love with the drums and decided to take them up and form a band with her best friend, Jenny Mason. This was not your typical 35-year-old-mom decision.

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