Austin, The Greatest City Not to Move To: Medium

Austin, The Greatest City Not to Move To: Medium — August 2015.

Oh, it’s happened again. Austin, Texas has been lauded in another prominent publication; this time it’s National Geographic Traveler with a six-page spread all about how Austin is the cat’s meow.

Well, shit.

Have you heard of Austin? No? Well apparently, if you visit you will be transfixed by its weird greatness, drink the kool-aid, and never, ever, ever be happy living anywhere else. In fact, its greatness has been SO touted in the last several years in publications from Forbes and CNN to the New York Times, Travel + Leisure and even Smithsonian Magazine, that more than 100 people a day have been moving here and the city is creaking from all that extra weight. You hardly meet anyone from Austin these days.

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