Austin Woman — Australia Travel Guide

Bridge climbing, koala snuggling, reef wonders and rainforest beauty abound, mate; November 2018

During a trip Down Under, there are so many different types of places and experiences to be had that it can be difficult to decide just what to do. In my three weeks in Australia recently, I decided to stick to the East Coast rather than spread myself too thin (with plans to go back and discover other parts of the amazing country). Even with limiting myself geographically, there was much to see and do. Come along with me on the journey!

Sydney, New South Wales

Most international travelers begin or end their Australian journeys here. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Sydney has an iconic skyline, which features the Harbour Bridge and the unmistakable Opera House, recognizable to almost anyone.

I began my first full day here, which is Australia’s No. 1 tourist attraction for good reason. As American architect Frank Gehry said, this unique architectural masterpiece “changed the image of an entire country.”

Danish architect Jørn Utzon designed the Sydney Opera House after winning an international competition held in the mid-1950s to select the plans for the new building. In the modernist style of the era, Utzon’s sculptural design, which resembles either wings or the sails of a ship, depending on the eye of the beholder, seemed ahead of its time.

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