Austin Woman Magazine — New Technology is Helping Identify Human-trafficking Victims

Allies Against Slavery developed Lighthouse to improve the identification process of victims, February 2019

It’s one thing to discover slavery exists in the 21st century; it’s another thing to discover it exists where you live.

It’s estimated more than 300,000 people are trafficked in Texas alone, and about one-fourth of them are minors. According to The Global Slavery Index, more than 40 million people are victims of these heinous crimes throughout the world and, according to Allies Against Slavery, less than 1 percent of minors and youth who are trafficked are ever identified or helped

Local nonprofit group Allies Against Slavery is on a mission to change these grim statistics with a software initiative called Lighthouse. The technology helps frontline service professionals who work with vulnerable youth and adults overcome one of the key challenges to eradicating trafficking: identifying victims of human trafficking.

“One of the most significant challenges to solving the crisis of human trafficking is victim identification,” says Torey McDaniel Tipton, director of strategic partnerships for the group. “Professionals don’t have adequate methods or tools for identifying victims or collecting data about victim identification. Data suggests that fewer than 2 percent of victims are identified, even though 88 percent of victims report interacting with a professional while they were being trafficked.”

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