Beloved Zach Theatre opens new North Austin location—CultureMap

Beloved Zach Theatre opens new North Austin location: CultureMap — October 2016.

Kids in North Austin will have a creative new option for artistic expression in the spring. Zach Theatre, an integral part of the performing arts community in Austin, aims to expand its reach with a new location, Zach North. The space will offer performing arts classes for children ages 3 through 5th grade — enabling the theater to serve kids who can’t get to the existing South Austin classes.

“One thing we’ve been hearing more and more is that traffic is a real problem for families,” says Rachel Applegate, chief marketing and community engagement officer. “This prevents many students from participating in the educational programs they love — they simply can’t get across town at that hour of the day. No child should have to miss out on vital arts education because of something like traffic.”

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