AustinWoman Magazine — Getting on Board

Shopgate’s Casey Gannon discusses how her career trajectory launched her into the tech field, August 2017.

Casey Gannon spent her entire childhood traveling to exotic locales throughout the world. With a father who was a civil-service engineer, she and her family lived in places such as the Philippines, the Azores and Japan, to name a few.

While in Japan, Gannon’s parents started a maintenance-supply business for government contracts in Asia. As a teenager, Gannon started working side by side with them, learning administrative skills like accounting, payroll, business management and bidding on government contracts. The experience taught her something else, as well: just how much work it takes to run a company.

“I learned that if you aren’t passionate about your work, you have a higher probability of failing, and life, in general, is a lot less fun,” Gannon says. “I was captivated by international trade and understanding different economies and the cultures that drive them.”

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